Month #1 – Wait what?!

Exactly one month ago, I arrived at San Francisco Airport, together with my classmate Chris. We had no idea what an incredible journey would lie ahead of us.
After spending two incredible days in San Francisco exploring every corner of the city, we headed down towards Los Angeles – In a brand new 5.0 Mustang GT! The following four days felt like holidays, the first real ones in a while. We had an amazing time together with our friends in Huntington Beach – Thank you again Susan and Adam! But eventually, we had to go north if we would not want to miss our first day of class.
The first day, in a nutshell, consisted out of various talks, networking, food, a really interesting case study, more food, and a scavenger hunt around the campus of UC Berkeley.

Looking back, I think I can say to have found some serious friends within the people that were strangers just a month ago. Regarding the program itself, I am very happy about what I have already got to experience, and what is yet to come. Listening to lectures of arguably some of the best professors in the world is obviously of incredible value. But also visiting the greatest companies of the world and talking to their CEO’s right in the Silicon Valley is just mindboggeling. Moreover I am more than hyped about the projects I will be working on. Just to give an idea what those look like:

  1. Management Consulting: Rebuild the educational system of the Country of Puerto Rico. Winner gets to fly there and present it to the secretary of education.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Build your own startup from scratch in 4 months.
    Every group gets to pitch in front of serious Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

Concluding, I can only say that even though time is passing way too fast, I am making the most out of it and enjoying every single second of it.

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