Month #2 – Hiking & Horse Races

I am not going to start by contemplating about the fact that it has been more than two months already since my semester at Haas Business School had begun. Also, I am not going to talk about school stuff, at least not this time. (maybe in the next blog entry though).
I’d like to talk about Hiking & Horse Races – yes you heard right. There is a lot of fun stuff to do around bay area and even though my workweek is packed with essays, readings and group projects, I sometimes get to go on adventures with my new won international friends.
For instance, we went hiking (back when the weather was good). And let me tell you:
In terms of hiking – Berkeley is the place to be. I can really recommend the panoramic-hill -> chaparral peak -> strawberry canyon loop. What a name, right?

But there is other stuff to do around here as well, one thing that might become a sunday ritual is the ‚Golden Gate Field Dollar Days‘. It is a place where you can watch horse races and pay $1 for everything. $1 Entrance, $1 Hotdogs, $1 Beer. At the same time you can bet on funny named horses and have a great time with your friends.

Another thing that needs to be complemented, is the food here in the Bay Area, especcially in Berkeley even. It is also known as Gourmet Ghetto, representing the birthplace of californian cuisine, but also offering a variety of different dishes from all around the world.

There is probably a ton of things I am still missing out, but this is what my experience has been so far. The good thing is: If you ever run out of things to do in Berkeley, San Francisco is just a 30 minute Uber drive away. And the surrounding Bay Area is worth visiting aswell. Below, a picture of a weekend road trip to Santa Cruz.

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